30 In Their Thirties

A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, John E. James was responsible for planning, managing, and synchronizing the deployment of 24 Apache and 10 Blackhawk helicopters during his second tour of duty as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He says his greatest achievement was bringing back all of the soldiers alive and the aircraft intact. “If you show people the right path and show that you care about them, you’re going to have a much better team and get better results,” says James, who earned a master’s degree in supply chain management at Penn State University. In January, following 12 years in the military, he joined James Group International, a global logistics and supply management firm in Detroit that works primarily in the automotive industry. In addition to upgrading the company’s supply management operations, James has worked to improve internal communications between six separate facilities. “Progress can only be deployed rapidly when a team aggregates its successes and minimizes its mistakes,” he says. —R.J. King

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