JGI currently ships to Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and Venezuela.

RGL was launched in 1998 and provides inventory consolidation services for Fortune 500 manufacturers. The company receives over 8,000 different part numbers from 750 suppliers and consolidates this material into customer specific shipments to 23 locations on five continents.

Renaissance Global Logistics (RGL) – Romulus, MI

RGL-Romulus was launched in February of 2012 with General Motors as our main customer. RGL- Romulus’ purpose is to prevent disruptions of our customers supply chain and operations by warehousing and processing associated supplier material through efficient and innovative flexible operating systems while delivering Safety, Quality and Delivery performance exceeding our customers’ expectations. RGL-Romulus receives and processes material from GM Suppliers and ships material daily to Tier One suppliers and GM facilities throughout the world; as of March, 2012 the Supplier Risk Team at RGL has shipped over 92 million parts without incidence of customer interruption. RGL-Romulus is poised to provide comprehensive solutions to your supply chain risk aversion strategy including; Warehousing, Repacking, Quality, Inspections, Sub-Assembly, Logistics, Innovative WMS and ERP systems Complete LLP operations to maintain the flow of goods while resourcing.


Renaissance Global Logistics (RGL) – GM Outlet Shop – Detroit, MI

RGL /General Motors Outlet Shop (GMOS) was established in October of 2010 as part of GM’s “Green Environment” initiative program. RGL/Outlet Shop offers GM an attractive alternative when competing with aftermarket collision parts. RGL/Outlet Shop is an establishment of a warehousing and distribution operation to supply and market a specific scope of excess, redundant and cosmetically slightly damaged parts and components to GM’s authorized distribution network. The GM Outlet Shop currently ships to 20 General Motors dealership in the United States.

Magnolia Automotive Services (MAS) – Blue Springs, MS

Magnolia Automotive Services, LLC is a strategic alliance between James Group International and Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. This strategic alliance has been awarded the contract to run the Tire & Wheel assembly for the 2012 Corolla for Toyota Motor Company. We purchase the tires, wheels, sensors and related components from the tire companies and wheel manufacturers. We inflate, balance, weigh and deliver the completed units to the TMMS Assembly Plant in Blue Springs, MS.