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Logistics is an ancient profession, as old as human civilization. For three million years, we were hunters and gatherers, and foot travel was our only way to get life’s necessities from one place to another. With the invention of the wheel, around 3500 B.C., land transportation became more sophisticated, and we moved goods around with even greater ease, enabling us to build settlements, and ultimately cities, because suddenly life’s necessities could be imported from afar.

Around 200 A.D., sea travel came into play, and goods could be moved not just to cities, but other countries and even other continents. Moving goods by air came much later – the 20th century – completing the three basic forms of transportation still used today: land, water, and air.

While logistics has seen seismic shifts over millions of years, the greatest shifts have occurred over the last 45 years. That means if the last three million years were one hour, the greatest change in logistics has occurred in the last second, or .00001 of a second to be exact.